Treasury Edge

Hey, I’m Jen

the Founder of Treasury Edge.

I am a proud mum, living in Southwest London who is fiercely passionate about all things treasury. Working with intelligent, forward-thinking leaders is what gets me out of bed every day. I believe that in the dizzy world of start-ups, leaders should be free to focus on strategy and product development knowing that cash and banking are being well managed behind the scenes.
The TreasuryEdge programmes, online training and support packages are built with my intense devotion to sharing my knowledge as widely and accessibly as I can to all who need it.

The traditional banking world is broken. It is inaccessible, confusing, and leaves finance teams with a hodgepodge of providers doing the work their bank doesn’t. And often paying an arm and a leg for it too.

We’re different. Our programmes are crammed with actionable steps to fast-track your finance team to get the skills they need to take control of your cash.

Forget long and expensive professional qualifications. If you want to create impactful change to your treasury and banking, then we want to talk to you.

Our programmes are based on employee size to tailor the experience to your business needs.

Get the peace of mind you deserve when you get your “house” in order, ready for your next strategic move.